• Harbor area and Keykubat beach
  • The castle hill
  • Cleopatra beach
  • Beach right in the city centre
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Alanya is often named as the pearl of Turkish Riviera amongst Turks and many other Alanya-fans that are traveling to the area year after year. Scandinavians found Alanya already in the early seventies, with the first charter flight from Sweden in 1971. Alanya and its surroundings are in an area of subtropical Mediterranean climate, enjoying the warmest average temperatures on the north shores of the Mediterranean sea. This fast growing town with very mild winters and dry summers has become something many people call “small Scandinavia”, since of so many Nordics have chosen Alanya as a location of their second home.

Alanya is well known among European holidaymakers because of its great geography: Sandy and clean beaches, crystal clear and deep blue waters, and majestic Taurus mountains rising above the city. Alanya’s historical development, sights of natural beauty and its multicultural life style have made Alanya into something exceptional.

Alanya has a typical Mediterranean climate. The summers are long hot and dry while the winters are mild and reminds of Scandinavian spring. You will be able to swim in the warm sea while seeing some Taurus mountaintops covered by snow. The annual average temperature of the sea water in Alanya 21.4 ° C and during August it raises up to 27.9 ° C

Activities and excursions

Alanya offers many outdoor activities if you just don’t want to only relax on the beach . Apart from different water sports we can warmly recommend a trip to the Alanya castle from the 13th century , built by the Seljuk’s. Alanya has also many caves to explore, Damlatas, Dim, Korsanlar (Pirates) caves are only a few amongst many.

Alanya has something for everyone. If you like adrenalin kicks, why not go with jeep safari into the mountains, explore the view from the sky with parasailing, or see some of the many caves. If you like shopping, then Alanya offers you everything from clothing to jewellery. Why not take a stroll to the harbor and enjoy a cooling drink in the sunset with the view of the sea after a long and lovely day shopping.

One of our recommended places is to relax in the shade of Dim Brook Valley 15 km to the east of Alanya with amazingly beautiful surroundings and cool waters and great food. Alanya Castle a must see and gives you amazing view over the town. Why not have your breakfast overlooking the bay from the restaurants on the top of everything?

Life is Beach in Alanya

If you are a real beach lover than the famous Cleopatra beach, or Keykubat Beach are the places to be. If you would like something more cozy and quite spot of your own , rent a car and drive to the beaches of Gazipasa or just drive along the coast and find your own untouched secluded beach to spend the day in sunshine.


If you love history, Alanya will not leave you disappointed. Apart from Alanya Castle and Red Tower , Alanya Shipyard from Seljukian era, Alara Caravanserai, beneath Alara Castle and Alara River will give you both history and swimming in cool breezes.

Chances are, you will fall in love with Alanya as we have done and will want come back again and again. With its picturesque geography, bazaar, great shopping, and never-ending night life, Alanya has become popular holiday resort for Turkish as well as for European people. It is not for nothing that it is often said Alanya is the second home for Scandinavians.