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Fethiye is 135 kilometers (84 miles) southwest of Marmaris in Mugla province, with an outstanding and busy marina. Fethiye is said to be the gem of Turkey, situated on what is called the turqoise coast, on the Aegean side. The city dates back 2400 years and was a highly prominent town called Telmessos. Unfortunately the many earthquakes have left only a few Lycian stone sarcophagi from the old town, along with the dramatic Tomb of Amyntas carved into the sheer rock cliff high above the town and is dated from the 4th century built in Doric architectural style and is worth well visiting.

You can also see a fortress on the hill overlooking the city which was built by Knights of Rhodes. Other historical places in the city are several sarcopaghi, theater and the Fethiye tower.

You will most definitely feel welcomed and happy in Fethiye. The town, has grown from a small and modest trading port/fishing village and fertile tomato growing area to a rapidly expanding vibrant town and tourist holiday destination which offers many things to many people, from those with an interest in history and nature to those looking for sun, sea and great food.

The population is around 70000 and on top of that a considerable amount of foreigners ,especially british people have chosen to live permamently in Fethiye.

Picturesque Mediterranean

Fethiye is most known for Öludeniz (dead sea) blue lagoon, Turkeys perhaps most beautifully situated beach, over the hills and just around 9 km from the town itself. Fethiye-Öludeniz was chosen as the best tourism centre in the world by The Times and The Guardian newspapers in 2007.

There are many activities and wind surfing is a favorite option from the Blue Lagoon. It is also popular for sports like water skiing and parasailing. Fethiye seawaters are a perfect choice for diving and snorkeling, and one of the few places where you can see magical world of walls, reefs, cavers and archeological finds. Another recent hit in the region has been the paragliding event from the Baba Dagi Mountains near Fethiye.

Only 5 km north east of Öludeniz there is calis beach, described as being the best place to watch sun go down, is one of the most favourite places of the province with its 4 km. of beach, cool wind during hot summer nights, and "Caretta Caretta"s. Calis has numerous restaurants, bars, shopping and transportation possibilities and can easily be reached by dolmus from Fethiye.

History and geography

Apart from the famous Öludeniz, high in the mountains above Fethiye there is Saklikent Gorge (hidden city) which has been created by rushing torrents cutting a narrow canyon through the mountains. It is a cool hideaway on hot days and is a popular picnic spot with rustic restaurants and fresh food. A nature - made miracle which is 18 km long and reaches to 600 meters from place to place.


Fethiye has 12 islands, one more beautiful than the other so one must do is the blue voyage boat tour visiting attractive coves and islands. A blue voyage in a typical Turkish schooner-type boat is an exceptional holiday project.

The climate is typical Mediterranean consisting of very hot, long and dry summers with an average of 34°C in the daytime, winters are cool and rainy with a daytime average of 16°C.