Buying property in Turkey
Managing a property purchase overseas can be tricky. Every country has their own standards and laws on how property ownership transfers are done. Additionally, all the documents are usually in the country's native language.
This applies to Turkey as well.
You have made your mind and found your dream property in Turkey. How will you success in the legal process of property purchase and assure everything is handled in responsible means? Our award-winning, hundreds of sales handled personnel in Turkey will make sure your purchase is in good hands when it comes to ownership transfer, at all times.

The sales contract & down payment
After founding the property in Turkey you wish to purchase, our personnel will prepare you and the selling counterpart a sales contract both in English and/or your native language and Turkish. Upon signing the contract you are expected to pay down payment (usually minimum €1000.00) to seal the contract. The exact number and terms are specified in your sales contract. By transacting the down payment, your contract gains legit status and you ensure the seller cannot sell the property to someone else from that time on – due to terms in the sales contract.
The sales contract specifies the conditions of sale, that we will negotiate with the seller to make them suitable for your needs as much as possible. Together with you and the seller, we specify a payment plan for the contract price. Payment plans wary depending on whether the sale is off-plan or a resale, and requirements and needs of both buyer and seller are considered in the process.

The payments are usually transacted by bank transfers where the buyer covers the possible bank transfer costs, specified by each bank in each country. The seller or developer is to receive the contract price in full to his/her bank account. The sale price is usually possible to transact by cash as well. Especially many of our German customers prefer this method of transaction. Our properties are usually sold and bought in Euros (€; EUR).

Legal procedures
Through power of attorney (POA), we will carry out all the necessary legal procedures to transfer the property into your name in Turkey. This means applying for ownership change in the local municipality land registrar office and central military office located in Izmir. We take care of all the procedures and payments to every state-level instances necessary, and within few months your title deed (Tapu) is ready for you to receive. Once done, you are the legal owner of the Turkish property specified in your Tapu.

I have found the property I wish to buy, what are the additional closing costs for the sale, apart from the sales price?
When considering a purchase, please note that if you are looking to buy a new property, all the legal procedures and papers cost around 2000-4000 euros top on the purchase price. There is also property sales tax in Turkey that the buyer shall pay. The eventual amount of tax is calculated by the tax officials in Turkey for each sale, but it never exceeds 4,4% of the sales price.
We guide you through the sales process from start to finish and take care of all the legal documents needed in Turkey. Whenever you wish more information on the buying process, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will answer to all your questions and make sure the purchase process is smooth and secure so that you can concentrate on enjoy selecting your second home in Turkey.
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