Why invest in Turkey?
A country just on the edge of Europe, rich in culture and history, a place where economy booms.. Turkey is fast rising to the club of western-standard countries with feel, culture and people of it's own.
The Turkish coast offers places for various tastes and needs, whether you are looking the best possible beaches in the Mediterranean, superb archipelagos for yachting, mountains for skiing, world-class golf or enjoy the wild by camping, hiking and fishing. Turkey is likely to have a perfect place in it's variety for your second home in the Mediterranean.
The one main flights hub in Turkey, Istanbul, selected one of the most intriguing city destinations in Europe, is short and affordable flight away from virtually all coastal areas. This metropolis is filled with world-class culture, art, festivals, huge variety of nationalities, religions, people all around the world.. It's a great visit anytime you hope for a city break in busier surroundings from the laid-back way of life of the south coast.
Few facts influencing Turkish property market:

  • Great standards of quality
  • Affordable prices
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low insurance rates
  • No tropical storms
  • Low crime
  • No capital gain tax on sold property after 5 years of ownership
  • Low property tax
  • Fast developing economy, infrastructure and services
  • Close proximity to major European countries
  • Not effected by the western financial crisis

In a nutshell, Turkey offers a great investment opportunity and/or location to retire or vacation any time of the year. The selection of Turkish property is a must-see especially if you have been looking for properties in the other Mediterranean countries. If you would appreciate better economical forecast, more space, more quality and more luxury for your money, the Turkish market is definitely worth to check. Coastal Turkey with its beautiful nature, laid-back people, beaches, towns and cities is waiting to be discovered by you and the people you will share your second home with.
Every country has their own standards and laws on how property ownership transfers are done. Read here how the process of changing property ownership is done in Turkey.

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