Homeowner's Insurance
Make your real estate ownership carefree.
Insuring a property in Turkey is a good idea, although Turkey's burglary rates are low, hurricanes or vulcanic threats are virtually non-existent, and usually your investment is safe and sound on Turkish soil. However, some parts of the coast have experienced earthquakes during the past 500 years, and your property can never be 100% safe from damage caused by e.g. fire.
Property insurance rates are very reasonable in Turkey. Common rate runs around €3.00 / m2 / year. That's equivalent to just €150.00 euros per year for an average one bedroom apartment. So usually getting your property insured is a no-brainer. Through an insurance you make sure you and your family will enjoy your investment for years and years to come. Additionally, Turkey's coastal areas are rising in value so insuring your property is a good bet in securing your investment.
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