Inspection trips
Very few of us feel comfortable buying a property without seeing the place with our own eyes. Our fully-tailored inspection trips offer you a cost effective way to travel to Turkey to see the properties you are most interested in. We are able to arrange your trip all the way with flights, airport transfers and accommodation for your trip.
Our step-by-step inspection trip will ensure you a care-free property tour in your selected area in Turkey.
Here is a short description how it works:

Deciding the dates for the inspection trip
Together we decide the dates for your trip, and select you a representative from our team to guide you though the trip and property viewings.

Travelling to Turkey
Once the date of travel has come, you shall pack your bags and fly to Turkey to the closest airport to your the area you are willing to see properties. From there, our transfer service will take you to your hotel. We prefer quality hotels in central locations, to minimize the need for travel during your trip.

Pickup from hotel
Our representatives come pick you from the hotel at time agreed and take you to our closest office to prepare a property tour with you. The representative has already done background research due to your terms and budget and will suggest you properties meeting your criteria.

Property tour
Once you have selected the properties you would like to view, we will put together all the information for you including a property brochure, floor plans, price list and other relevant details. After that you and our representative are ready to do the property tour in locations.

Reviewing the results
After viewing your selected properties, we will have a review meeting with you at our office. Here you will have an opportunity to ask more detailed questions and let us know your thoughts. At all times, we are ready to contact the seller / developer to get satisfactory answer to your questions.

Preparing the documents of sale
Once you have made up your mind, the same day, next day, after a week or a month, we shall welcome you back to our office and start the purchase process for your selected property.
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When your trip is over our transfer will take you to your departing flight. Our staff welcomes you again to Turkey to enjoy your property or help you whenever you need our assistance.
It's also possible to build a property in Turkey from start to finish. With our consulting services you see your villa rising to Turkey's sunny landscape hassle-free.

Our partners from the Turkish finance business are happy to negotiate on mortgaging your property. Read more how you can make your dream vacation property ownership reality!

Insure your property in Turkey through our well-reputed partners on the insurance field. We make sure your family will enjoy your property in Turkey for generations to come.

Make the most of your property in Turkey and maximize it's elegance with luxurious, professionally designed interior.

If you ever run into a situation that you need lawyer advice in Turkey, we got you covered.

There is nothing more convenient than getting to your property from the airport by a non-stop, private transfer.